CHEER’s befriending scheme is a unique local resource, reaching out to those who may find themselves stuck at home with very few visitors or who have limited opportunities to go out and meet people. Sometimes this is because their near relatives live a long way off, or are not able to visit as much as they would like.

How does CHEER help?

A volunteer visits the person in their own home to share a pot of tea and have a friendly chat. Visits are normally weekly for about an hour.  Quite often the friendship develops, with the older person and volunteer taking part in various social activities together.  Though not a substitute for professional support when needed, the volunteer may also help their friend sort out minor problems.

We carefully match the person with the volunteer, as we hope that the befriending may spark a true friendship.  Seeing a friendly face, or even just knowing the volunteer is coming, can do a lot to raise the spirits of a lonely or housebound elderly person. Many of our volunteers build up a friendship that is rewarding and sees both parties benefiting from the experience.
Volunteers are carefully vetted (including a criminal record check) to ensure that they are suitable for a role which involves contact with potentially vulnerable older people.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from having a befriender, or think you might be interested in joining our enthusiastic team of befriending volunteers, please contact us.

Jim, who is 85, was referred to us as needing support following a series of events which had left him homeless, in  need of financial support and isolated. We supported applications for state benefits and found a volunteer to befriend him.  Following the death of his wife, the friendship from the volunteer  supported by CHEER helped him to cope with the changes in his life. He has moved to better accommodation and is looking forward to attending one of our tea parties this year.
"I really look forward to visits from my friend"

Contact us

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Ellie Cardy - 07716 854838

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